We value your money!

See if RediNav is the right client for you, is it what you need for your daily work. If YES is the answer of the following questions, most probably, RediNav would be the perfect choice for you

Do you need a Desktop based GUI client to connect to your Redis servers fleet?
Do you like to navigate quickly across all connections, databases and keys?
Do you need to connect over encrypted connection (SSL/TLS) or through a SSH tunnel?
Do you need to be able to dump your database or import keys?
Are you using macOS or Linux (any flavor able to install and run Debian packages)?
Do you need to execute native Redis commands and Lua scripts through a powerful Terminal?

Try before buy!

Download, unzip and install RediNav limited version, play with it, see if it fits your needs. If you like it, buy a license and enjoy the full version. Note please, you don't really have to download the application again, when you buy a license. The installed limited version switches to full version upon activating a valid license key.

What is disabled in limited version?

Limited version does not allow most of the "write" operations, like adding a key, cloning or editing a key and so on. Also, you can't dump or import keys. Other than that, you can create connection, connect to many servers, read data, execute commands and Lua scripts in Terminal interface.